Who is who: Adelaide Mangena

What is your job/position in the project? How long have you been working for St. Peter´s Child Care?

My name is Adelaide Mangena. I am a qualified Social Worker for 10 years.

I was employed at St Peters Child care in June 2009. It is now 5 years that I’m in the project.

I am the Social Services Manager for St Peters Child Care.

My role is to render social services to the foster mothers and the children.

I assess the social needs of the children together with the foster mothers and provide necessary intervention.

I also provide support to the foster mothers through supervision, training and debriefing.

I am also responsible for the supervision of students and volunteers in the project.

Name one of your favourite moments with the kids!

My favorite moments would be when I take the girls out very second month to have their hair braided. It is a special treat for them and they feel special and look beautiful after their hair is done.

What wishes do you have for the future of St. Peter`s Child Care?

My wish for St Peters Child Care is to see the project growing with new families. I would also like to see our model being recognized in the Child Care Act and by the authorities.

What do you think makes the Project special?

St Peters Child Care is a special project as it provides the kids with a safe and secure home. It also provides stability and an opportunity for the children to attach with a primary caregiver. The children are also given an opportunity to develop a sense of belonging within the family environment.