Who is who: Clementine

I am Clementine Mahoma, and I am a volunteer at St.Peter’s by the Lake

Lutheran Church. I work at the church and also for the Child Care project. This I what

have been doing for 1 year, from March 2014 – current.

I was invited to the church by friends 4 years ago and have been a member

since then. For 2 years I took part in the children’s church teaching once every

two months. I got to know the Child Care Project when I volunteered last year.

My favourite moments with the children is helping them with school

homework, buying them McDonalds and taking them to the park. When I’m

helping them with homework, they learn a lot from me. It is sometimes

difficult for them to understand certain things but then I am very patient and

slow with them. I help them understand the work in a fun way so that they are

able to remember it even when I’m not there in class with them.

On some days we buy McDonalds for them and take them to the park and play

games after they are finish with homework so that they get some exercise and

fresh air to just relax the bodies and minds.

What I wish for the project is for all the children to be healthy and strong, become independent but not forget where they come from. I wish that they will show the rest of the world that no matter your background, you can still have a bright future.

I think the project is special because of the people who run it. The Social

Workers and Mothers of all the children have so much love for them. They

nurture them as their own. It is very beautiful to be in the homes with the

mothers and children. There is too much love.