Who is who: Eddie Madidimalo

What is your job/position in the project? How long have you been working for St. Peter´s Child Care?

My work is to help the kids when they come to church with homework etc… and take them out on holidays or simply just be with them… I’ve been with St Peters for three years now been working the past two years.

How did you get in touch with the project?

I started with church then Edwin Dedekind introduced me to the project and I have been here since then… I am even going to study social work now.

Name one of your favorite moments with the kids!

When we went ice skating that was a great moment for me and then I can say…

What wishes do you have for the future of St. Peter`s Child Care?

To see them grow as a family and make it in life…

What do you think makes the Project special?

Its not just another project it gives the children the experience of being part of a family not an institute or place for orphans…